01.04 Service Learning Project Part B

  1. Complete the Reflect chart.

  2. Post a paragraph summary of your reflection in the discussion area.

  3. Respond to at least one classmate's post in the discussion area and share your own ideas about service improvement. Celebrate your classmates' experiences as well as your own. Review the Discussion Guidelines before posting to the discussion area.

  4. Create a presentation about your service experience in the format of your choice. Some ideas include a podcast, song, slide show, or blog. The presentation should include at least one paragraph about how your service was meaningful and valuable to the community and at least one photograph of you in action.

  5. Combine your work into as few files as possible. Include a copy of your original discussion post, your two responses, the Reflect chart, your presentation, and your photograph.

  6. Submit your product to 01.04 Service Learning Project Part B.

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